There are many decisions to make when forming your Illinois based business that should not be taken lightly. Ownership structure, business risk and liabilities and tax consequences are all factors that should be considered when forming your business.  The most common types of Illinois businesses are the Illinois limited liability company (LLC) and the Illinois corporation.  The attorneys at Dunn Law Firm can help you choose which type of business entity is correct for you and your business.


With so many options available in terms of business formation, it is more important than ever to choose the correct Illinois business entity and more importantly, to make sure that the entity is formed correctly and that the business owners understand their responsibilities to maintain the protections that are available to them.


Business Entity Advisement

At Dunn Law Firm, we make sure that that we understand your personal situation in order to evaluate your liability issues and risks and then optimize asset protection and management structure for your business success.  The attorneys at Dunn Law Firm will help you evaluate and choose from the following Illinois Business Entities:

  • Illinois Sole Proprietorship
  • Illinois General Partnership
  • Illinois Limited Partnership
  • Illinois Family Limited Partnership
  • Illinois Subchapter C-Corporation
  • Illinois Subchapter S-Corporation
  • Illinois Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Each business entity has its own legal requirements, structure and relationships.  Once a business entity has been chosen, we will work hard to ensure that your business is structured to best serve the needs of its owners and managers.

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